March 14, 2013

Retail Furniture software

Our retail furniture software is a fully integrated POS (Point of sales) solution which has been specifically designed for the furniture retail business. Our expertise oriented team possesses the deep delved information about the furniture industry and has been able to transform all this knowledge pertaining to various segments of furniture industry into this end to end technology based software solution. We have tailored our system to make it highly suitable for retail furniture industry.

Our software solution is an integrated system that provides the retailers with a centralized system for inventory management, POS and many more. All these features can be tailored as per every retailer's unique and customised requisites. We provide retailers with the most advanced technology available for plethora of retail applications.

Our software's dynamic suite of efficient tools make it ideal for the retailer that are looking for a fluid interface for their high-speed retail operations. The major features that it offers are:
  • It is easier to use as it comes with very simple user interface
  • It helps you to gain total and complete control over your inventory and stock. You can accurately calculate your exact inventory position at any point of time
  •  The accounting program integrated with the software solution completely eliminates the requirement of any other accounting package
  • It also caters your report generation requirement in the most effective manner by helping you generate the highly customizable reports that help you run and manage your business activities
  •  The efficient and effective database access allows you to export any kind of service data required for your business related operations
  •  With our software solution, you can generate the most accurate information pertaining to the powerful analysis of what exactly is truly selling and what is not, helping you in effectively planning your business operations.

With our retail furniture software, you can take complete control of your business and definitely can improve your bottom line with plenty of features that help you to make smart decisions. It not only helps you to manage your inventory and sales but at the same time provides you with efficient distribution management. It streamlines your distribution management right from loading at your dock till the stock hits the customers doorstep. It genuinely improves your processes and helps you to provide excellent customer service. It showcases its compatibility with many of its companion products that provide opportunities in order to enhance a retail furniture store's operational performance.

Hence for the retailers indulged in furniture retail business, our retail furniture software is the most complete and scalable solution that provides them control over every segment of their business enhancing the profitability of the business while driving it towards growth.