January 21, 2013

Cloud computing –why you should go for it?

In this fast paced competitive era where IT industry is facing rapid changes, new forms of invisible layers have developed which touches all aspects of modern life. IT industry experiences a new form of IT delivery model; Cloud Computing, the newest paradigm shift in Information Technology. Its value propositions of eliminating capital expenditure, reducing operational expenditure and operational overheads so that enterprises can focus on their core business are truly persuasive and this is why this latest technology is quickly adopting by small, medium as well as big enterprises.

Cloud computing has a promising future in retail industry and offers a tremendous number of benefits for retail businesses. In the context of retail industry, retail solution on cloud is particularly efficient in collection and analyses of huge volumes of sales data and in real time inventory management.

Cloud software solution can also track performance of products in comparison to previous time periods. This advanced solution can identify the trend and tell you that which products are selling the most. With the help of cloud retail software a lot of expenditure can be cut through and you can do more work done in less time with less people.   Cloud Computing is scalable and offers high standard user experience.

Cloud adoption by Indian enterprises is seen to be rising rapidly. A survey by research firm Forrester Consulting has found that 50% of respondents had adopted cloud solutions or approaches, compared to 40% in a similar survey last year and 27% in 2010. An additional 30% of respondents said they were planning to deploy cloud solutions within the next 18 months.

Cloud computing has revolutionized IT in a way never seen before and has clearly changed how the traditional software works for businesses. Cloud computing is also very scalable that means you can change it to suit its ever growing needs by just acquiring more storage space and additional licenses to allow other uses. This is relatively cheaper as compared to constantly buying new modern equipment when the need arises.

The deployment of cloud computing services is also very quick when compared to planning, building and implementing your own in house. Normally this takes just hours or days for staff members to begin using cloud computing solutions. Regardless of the location your business, the services are available to you because it is over the internet.

Cloud computing with so many benefits has a rising future and it will surely give a boom to your business growth.