December 29, 2012

Software for retailers for smooth running of business

In this tech-savvy world, various cutting-edge software are developed using sophisticated methods that helps in increasing business prospects. Reducing lead time and costs, easy to use and implement such software are designed and developed by software professionals having wide experience in this realm.

Boutique software  are a good way of defining petite software companies which are focused on a certain niche, and which are able to offer specialized support to their customers. Software Boutique Company is able to offer a unique product, tailored on the client's needs and requirements.

Retail apparel software is one of the best when it comes for inventory monitoring. This software can be used by the apparel manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to maintain the inventory of products. This will take care of Production, Inventory Control, Stock Maintenance, Report Generation, Sales Order, Purchase Order, and Accounts.

Multi-featured software for retailers enhances business standards. For an instance, apparel inventory software gives an accurate data of top selling items and customer demands. It is a great way of achieving greater efficiency and profitability. Further, it is a solution that would decide the point-of-sale information that producers and dealers need to manage operations efficiently.

With the help of apparel inventory software, you can undertake projects faster and more efficiently while keeping down costs and streamlining your production reporting procedures. This particular software will keep your production team focused and at the same time enhance the flow of communications within the corporate organization. At the same time, it maximizes performance and avoids wasting time. The technology is really remarkable as it enables owners to concentrate on achieving perfection in quality and formulating practical techniques. It reduces the protracted production cycle and minimizes errors in manufacturing.

Today’s apparel environment is more challenging than ever before. To meet the expectations of today’s standards and value-conscious customers, you should maintain always-fresh assortments of on-target merchandise, while strictly controlling costs.

Software for retailers meets this challenge by ensuring smooth running of your business, to deliver your customers the clothing and accessories they are looking for with service they can depend on, so that you can redeem them for years to come.

Technologically advanced software for retailers act as a valuable tool for fashion and garmnet industry that focus on production quality and pioneering production process. Today, various retailer and boutique enhance owner’s have enhanced their business standards utilizing such software. Making prompt response to customer demands, such hi-tech software provides better business process management and lucrative solutions.

December 28, 2012

3 ways cloud computing will revolutionize your business

In much the same manner the advent of the internet revolutionized the world, cloud computing is revolutionizing the way businesses operate. At its core, 'cloud computing' Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet). Cloud Computing has brought together a range of technologies that can deliver scalable tailored and virtualized IT resources and applications over the Internet.
While cloud computing is changing almost everything at the core of how businesses are run, there are three ways in which cloud computing is revolutionizing the business world as a whole.

Less Investment in Maintenance, More Investment in Innovation
According to the CIO of the technology firm Gartner, approximately $8 out of every $10 a company spends toward technology goes toward maintenance rather than innovation. The cloud model drastically reduces maintenance costs. Because the IT infrastructure is maintained and managed offsite, the costs associated with IT maintenance personnel as well.

Breaks Down Barriers to Entry
Gone are the days when only multinational companies had the resources to launch new technology products. Cost barriers for in-house implementations and large capital outlays are deleted   with cloud computing.

Pay per Use Cost Model Saves Operational Costs
In the past, companies paid for a certain amount of space to handle their IT functions – regardless of the fact they needed the space or not. This means they have to spend money on buying more desktop computers, adding more machines to their internal server rooms, or renting space from offsite servers. Nevertheless, with the help of cloud computing virtual assets are made to be flexible and dynamic and are available on a subscription or on-demand basis which means now entrepreneurs have to pay only for actual assets used rather than defining scopes and purchase orders in advance

December 22, 2012

Cloud Computing Ushers a New Era of Retailing What is cloud computing?

Although, almost each one of is familiar with information sharing via internet, performing all the operations of computing through the internet is not so familiar. Cloud computing exactly does the same. Simple examples include: Google, Yahoo and Google. For instance in Google it includes emails, which contain different types of online documents which are stored on the cloud and used by different people on the web. This particular technology, cloud computing shares information, software-applications and operating system-and infrastructure-hardware like servers and storage units – through internet.


Cloud computing opens the door to new capabilities including new business processes. and new application solutions that are retail industry specific at a price point that is remarkably lower than traditional solutions implemented only one to two years ago,” Accenture analysts concur.

Achieve economies of scaleCloud computing increases volume output or productivity with fewer people and get more work done in less time with less people.

Globalize technology: People worldwide can access the cloud via internet.

Reduce capital costs. With cloud computing there’s no need to spend big money on hardware, software or licensing fees.

Accessible anywhere, anytime You have access anytime, anywhere, making your life so much easier!

Handle projects more effectively. Stay within budget and ahead of completion cycle times.

Unlimited storage: Storing information in the cloud gives you almost unlimited storage capacity. Hence, now you as a retailer don’t need to worry about running out of storage space or increasing your current storage space availability.

When retailers enter new market, the complication increases and the IT expenses increase. But with the help of retail managementsolutions on cloud a lot of expenditure can be cut through. Retailers manage thousands or in some cases in lakhs of computers in different locations, but by subscribing to Vesture Cloud services networking of computers this problem can be avoided.

By hiring Vesture cloud service there is no requirement for storage units and no need to install firewall and antivirus protections. Vesture have designed a range of software solutions including complete ERP, supply chain tool, CRM, retail POS software , business analytics tool, planning & forecasting tool, replenishment tool, decision support system.  Offering retailer the complete bundle solution, Vesture cloud services will surely help retailers in increasing the efficiency and reducing the operational cost. 

December 21, 2012

Cloud computing- Applicable in successful retailing too.

IT is playing a chief role in retail business. Software for retail applications handles most of the distributed business operation such as administration at head office, billing at gallery, inventory management at raw material store and warehouse etc. Establishing an online IT infrastructure which supports the retail business in real time is very costly and small and medium enterprises do not see the ROI, but cloud computing can help them to pull the affordability of Internet Cloud resources to employ the IT related process. 

Retail management solutions on cloud mean to manage the IT processes on the Cloud instead of in-house. Complex business processes like ERP, CRM, POS, etc are implementable through Cloud.  Third part vendor who offer such services to clients maintain these resources. Your application may be running on shared servers. 

Cloud computing has a promising future in retail industry and offers a tremendous number of benefits for retail businesses. 

In retailing, points of sales generate large amounts of data each day. The sales data can be obtained through loyalty cards and discount coupons also. It is very difficult for low and medium level retailers to capture or utilize such enormous amounts of data. Cloud provider in retail can collect such data from sophisticated technology for the retailer. Such stored data may be accessed from anywhere, via internet. Further, cloud computing is also capable of tracking performance of products in comparison to previous time periods. 

Retail management solutions on cloud offer additional support services such as synchronizing data from different galleries, ensuring that there is no power or network outage, provide 24X7 customer care services that offer all time solutions, making sure that the virus scanners and firewalls are in place, etc; the advantages of retail solution on cloud are endless but crux is retailer gets 3 times the functionality which is important to manage the retail business at 1/3rd the price. 

Retail solution on cloud has changed the entire trend of retailing. Retail Management Solution on cloud provides enormous cost benefits to SMEs. In certain circumstances, the cost savings can go up to 20 times as compared with traditional solutions that require keeping the IT resources at the retailers end.

Now-a-days retail management solutions on cloud have gained a lot of popularity. Numerous services and applications with increased reliability have enhanced its popularity to such an extent that retailers are now looking forward to use Cloud Retail Software.

Cloud computing has the capacity to revolutionize the way the retail business is being conducted. So why not take advantage of cloud computing today, the dice has already been rolled and cards are on the table. Time is now to show your cards and those who will make the first move will be the firsts in the race of successful retailing.

December 19, 2012

Retail Management Software-Automating Retail

Retail Stores worldwide are now enjoying the benefits of retail management software which integrates with their stores. Small to large retailers are saving fortunes in time and money by making use of such systems which automates all of their business operations effectively and efficiently. By increasing the efficiency of various aspects of the retail industry, these systems are able to optimize and modernize business processes, generating more revenue, decreasing costs, limiting errors and increasing productivity & efficiency.
Retail management software, further tells retailers to know which item is selling faster and where it is lying in the warehouse. There are many more advantages and the list goes down.

Inventory management
  • Increased profit margins through better understanding of current trends and inventor management on costumer choices.
  • With the help of retail inventory management software retailers can get up-to-the-minute reports on what you have in stock, on order, and in transit. (GIT)
Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Increased sales as a result of better inventory management, reduction in wastage, and satisfied customers.
  • Making future plans for your retail store or company is just so easy with retail management software. If someone want to know that where their company is seeing the most success and where they are running into trouble, retail management software provides the kind of analysis and close study that is necessary to make your plans
Customer relation management (CRM)
  • Tracking customer buying history permits you to know who are your loyal customers and implement targeted promotions to maintain their loyalty. 
Point of sales (POS)
  • The appropriate kind of software will help the cashiers and other front-end stocking people to handily efficiently all of the customers and transactions. 
Pay Roll
  • Having retail management software makes multi tasking easy for employees. There is no better way to deal with payments, time sheets, and employee personal information than retail management software.

There are multiple tasks in a retail business which needs to be done and Retail Management Software is a valuable way to handle all of their operations. In an age where competition among retailing is tougher than ever, retail management system software is the need of every business and it is the must have tool that will help in enhancing and growing your business. So, you must take the advantage of Retail management software to enjoy its fruitful results and to take your business to newer heights. 

December 13, 2012

MARINA HOME – Now Open in New Delhi, India

A R Software welcomes Marina Home - The most desired Home fashion brand in Dubai and the Region, on its coming to India. A R Software feels proud to offer Vesture – Retail Management Solution to Marina Home Interiors Retail Network Pvt. Ltd.

About Marina Home:
·         Opens in India with a 40,000 SQ.FT. Flagship Store at M.G. Road, New Delhi
·         Millions of satisfied customers.
·         Thousands of Unique Home Decor Ideas.
·         Fifteen years of Excellence in Service.

About A R Software:
·         India’s first and the only company to offer end to end Retail Solution on cloud.
·         Vesture solution is complete bundled software which offers frontend modules (like POS, CRM, Replenishment, Loyalty Programme etc.) & completes ERP for Backend including (Warehousing, Material Management, Financial Accounting, Business Intelligence (BI) etc.)
·        Vesture Retail Management Solution on Cloud automates diversified business i.e. Apparel, Home furnishing, Antique clocks, FMCG, Restaurant, Hard goods etc.
·         More than 25+ customers, 250+ users live within 6 months of launch across the globe.

For More Details on Vesture Offering’s please contact:

Rahul Mishra
Rajinder Kumar Arora