December 21, 2012

Cloud computing- Applicable in successful retailing too.

IT is playing a chief role in retail business. Software for retail applications handles most of the distributed business operation such as administration at head office, billing at gallery, inventory management at raw material store and warehouse etc. Establishing an online IT infrastructure which supports the retail business in real time is very costly and small and medium enterprises do not see the ROI, but cloud computing can help them to pull the affordability of Internet Cloud resources to employ the IT related process. 

Retail management solutions on cloud mean to manage the IT processes on the Cloud instead of in-house. Complex business processes like ERP, CRM, POS, etc are implementable through Cloud.  Third part vendor who offer such services to clients maintain these resources. Your application may be running on shared servers. 

Cloud computing has a promising future in retail industry and offers a tremendous number of benefits for retail businesses. 

In retailing, points of sales generate large amounts of data each day. The sales data can be obtained through loyalty cards and discount coupons also. It is very difficult for low and medium level retailers to capture or utilize such enormous amounts of data. Cloud provider in retail can collect such data from sophisticated technology for the retailer. Such stored data may be accessed from anywhere, via internet. Further, cloud computing is also capable of tracking performance of products in comparison to previous time periods. 

Retail management solutions on cloud offer additional support services such as synchronizing data from different galleries, ensuring that there is no power or network outage, provide 24X7 customer care services that offer all time solutions, making sure that the virus scanners and firewalls are in place, etc; the advantages of retail solution on cloud are endless but crux is retailer gets 3 times the functionality which is important to manage the retail business at 1/3rd the price. 

Retail solution on cloud has changed the entire trend of retailing. Retail Management Solution on cloud provides enormous cost benefits to SMEs. In certain circumstances, the cost savings can go up to 20 times as compared with traditional solutions that require keeping the IT resources at the retailers end.

Now-a-days retail management solutions on cloud have gained a lot of popularity. Numerous services and applications with increased reliability have enhanced its popularity to such an extent that retailers are now looking forward to use Cloud Retail Software.

Cloud computing has the capacity to revolutionize the way the retail business is being conducted. So why not take advantage of cloud computing today, the dice has already been rolled and cards are on the table. Time is now to show your cards and those who will make the first move will be the firsts in the race of successful retailing.